Tom Sewell is a multi-media artist, designer, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, environmental visionary; self-proclaimed "Master of mischief, maker of dreams".




Tom Sewell was born in Minneapolis, where he first worked as a display man for Dayton's Department Store and was mentored by Joseph Wright. He later assisted Carl Wienhart, the director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. He created the avant garde Bottega Gallery on Hennepin Avenue where he met his mentors Marcel Duchamp and Basil Langton.

In the 60's Tom moved to Venice California and began to explore art direction in television and film. In the 70's he began buying and restoring architecturally significant buildings making a major contribution to the restoration of Venice. After visiting the Soviet Union in the mid 80's (as one of the first citizen diplomats of that era), he became the publisher of "Main Magazine," a large format magazine that chronicled art, architecture and photography of the west coast.

In the 90's Sewell moved to Maui and has become one of Hawaii's preeminent innovative artists. In 2006 Sewell was honored with a one-man show at the Schaefer International Gallery in the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. There he presented his highly acclaimed multi-media installation Enigma of the Mill: a tribute to the "magnificence of the mundane and the art of industry".

Sewell was presented "The Annual Award of Excellence" by the United Nations Society of Artists and Writers for his "Enigma of the Mill" and for his contribution to the Anti War/Peace Movement.

Tom lives in Haiku, Maui with his wife Michelle on the 17 acre Sewell Art Estate. He produces art in his studio with the help of interns and assistants. An avid swimmer, Sewell begins each day with a vigorous ocean swim.







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