The Sewell Studio


"Be healthy, make art, have FUN."

- Tom Sewell

The Sewell Studio functions as a creative incubation of minds and ideas. It offers a diverse portfolio to both expand on, collaborate with, and be a part of. The Sewell Studio is focused on the design and creation of experience, and the stories from which those experiences derive. Operating in creative consulting, fine art, photography, video and digital media, The Sewell Studio can take on projects of any discipline and any magnitude. Working with a team of designers, creators, interns and artists, this true collaborative effort yields some of the most amazing results. Spontaneous creativity and fun unfold in weekly videos, photo shoots, parties, installations and infinitely more here on the island of Maui, and around the world. What began as just an artist, has accelerated beyond and idea to become a lifestyle and a reality. The Sewell Studio takes the incredible inspiration of its' leader, Tom Sewell, and manifests it into amazing things done by/with amazing people. It is magic, serendipity, story, and most of all fun.

Meet The Sewell Studio team!


Anthony Valeriano


Taylor Lorentz


Anthony has been with The Sewell Studio since 2017, and is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. A love of story-telling and the magic of experience has led him from the University of Cincinnati to Walt Disney Imagineering, to Thinkwell Group, to Digital Frontier, back to Disney, and more. Traveling around the world before landing on Maui, Anthony loves the outdoors, adventure, theme parks, experience design and photography. Spearheading the creative vision at the Sewell Studio, Anthony maintains his focus on story-telling, and the magic of experience.  

Taylor has been working with Tom since 2015, after a successful and inspired career as an Art Director in the Los Angeles fashion industry.  Taylor manages the daily studio functions, projects, art estate rentals, employees and apprentices; and acts as the heart-beat of the Sewell Studio environment. He collaborates on all creative undertakings, and manages the process, production and delivery of creative content. Taylor's passion for fine art, photography, and fashion all connect in a concise approach to the Sewell Studio's creative vision.